Sick on a Monday


One of the most dangerous benefits of working from home and being self-employed is the reality of giving yourself permission to take an unplanned sick day. Yesterday, I made that call.

I do not like getting out of bed and doing anything other than listening to public radio, making breakfast, washing dishes, making coffee, and taking a shower. Those are things that you can’t take away from me. But yesterday, I went from the bed, to the couch. And stayed there, for hours, watching Netflix. I officially participating in my generation’s stereotypical “lazy day”. I felt awful.

I didn’t have a deadline that required too much work yesterday; that deadline is today (and here I am, writing a blog post). I was lucky enough to pull myself off the couch (after sleeping off a terrible stomach ache for a couple of hours) and assemble the presentation that I’m giving today. After I finish writing this, I’m getting right back to it, feeling awake, healthy, and productive.

It’s important to not slay yourself after having a terribly unproductive day; these words ring even truer when you were couch-ridden with a rotten gut. Check out this article about how to successfully recover from an unproductive day “like it never happened” – that’s how I’m feeling today.

Sick on a Monday

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